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hsm_awards's Journal

High School Musical Icon Awards
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x Only nominate icons that involve the charactors and/or actors of High School Musical
x You may nominate two icons that you made
x You must nominate at least 4 icons if you are going to nominate
x For now, you may nominate 2 icons per category
x Please only nominate icons that haven't already been nominated for the category you are nominating it for
x When nominating, be sure to comment to the person that's being nominated and let them know.

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x Each week, nominations will open and you will be allowed to post with nominations for icons of the below categories:

*Breaking Free - Best icon featuring Troy, Gabriella, or them together
*Bop to the Top - Best icon featuring Ryan, Sharpay, or both
*We're All In This Together - Best Icon featuring 3 or more members of the cast
*Stick to the Status Quo - Icons featuring charactors OTHER than Troy, Gabriella, Ryan or Sharpay
*When There Was Me and You - Icon that shows the best emotion
*Start of Something New - Best relationship icon (Troy/Gabriella, Troy/Sharpay, etc)
*Get'cha Head in the Game - Best single character icon
*I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Best actor icon (No movie caps allowed)
*What I've Been Looking For - Best use of cropping and/or color
*We're Soarin' (Special category) - x Each week there will also be a special category, as decided by the moderators.

x When posting nominations, include the username of the maker.

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